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 Sermon thought: Cherry Pie Christian” Proverbs 28:13

Sermon started with short video by Mark Schultz, “Letters from War”.  Story of letters written, not knowing if they’re ever received..  We have also received letters.
Are you a cherry pie Christian?  Many will be lost while hoping and desiring to be saved. Hoping to be saved? Working on being saved?  You can know!
Many of us go through the motions of being a Christian.  Yet God wants us to know where we stand before God.  Romans 7:16.  If we do the check list, then we know the law is good.  Romans 3:23.  Romans 6:23.  If we go down the check list when talking to others about our church, they’ll wonder about us!
Feeling, Faith, & Fact.  Base our faith in God’s word, not in feelings.  I John 5:13.  That you may know.  Titus 3:3-7.  As the story of the prodigal son, the father went running to the son.  It shows us that God’s grace is sufficient. It’s enough.  Proverbs 28:13.  James 5:16.  Time is short.  We believe in the Second Coming.  John 20:31.  I know because I believe. John 3:16-17; Mark 9:23-24; John 16:22; I John 5:13.
God will always answer yes to “will You please forgive me of my sins and accept me as your child?”
Wally’s mom made a cherry pie and told him not to touch it.  He looked at it, then stuck his finger in it, and messed it up….  Then he asked her “won’t you please forgive me?” Sin looks so good, then you make a mess, and ask God to forgive.  So, are you a cherry pie Christian?



We have weekly activities each week. 
Wednesday evenings 6:00 - 7:30 pm we have BIBLE STUDY and PRAYER MEETING.  At the same time we have Adventure Club (grades 1-4) and Pathfinder Club (grades 5-10) meeting.  We encourage parents to bring your  registered children to their club meeting and stay for study and prayer.

Our church
Calendar will keep you informed about coming events.

The Lakeland and Valdosta churches merged in September, 2009.  We moved here May, 2012.  Click here for our story.
In Memory of Pastor Mike Adams,
Dec. 30, 1952 - July 29, 2013;
Click here for his story. 

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We worship in Valdosta each Sabbath.  Join us at 9:15 am for an inspiring song service.  Sabbath School starts at 9:30 am.  Worship Service is at 11:00.